Welcome to Airportech

March 19th, 2015 by Matthew Congrove

I'd like to take the time and welcome you all to Airportech, the newest development group dedicated to making high-quality X-Plane scenery. I'd also like to take the time and introduce myself, and tell you a little bit about how Airportech came to be.

My name is Matthew Congrove; I'm a native Floridian currently residing in Austin, TX. I hold, but no longer use, a CMEL-I rating. My day job is as a Software Architect at a start-up mobile company based out of California. I'm married to the woman of my dreams. And all of that matters a little bit. Why?

Because all of that information above shows that I'm passionate about aviation and technology, the two things you'd hope to have your scenery designer be interested in. That information, (specifically about the wife), also shows why you'll never hear me promise release dates. I do my best to balance my schedule, but I've never been one for moderation; when updates on development progress come, expect them to come fast and furious.

Airportech will be the front for any development work I release. I'm starting the brand as a way to provide customers with the assurance that any Airportech products will live up to a certain standard that they can count on. It's also a way to ensure there's a single channel for customer support. As for the team, it's just me. Maybe one day a few folks will sign on to the group and help release even more high-quality scenery.

If you have any questions, now or in the future, please use the Support link at the top of every page. I promise I'll do my very best to address any concerns in a prompt, courteous manner.