X-Plane 11 Plans

January 14th, 2017 by Matthew Congrove

Because we've been asked a few times about our plans for the X-Plane 11 update, I figured we should go ahead and post a blog with some details.

Once the X-Plane 11 release candidate (or "RC") is available, we will begin updating all of the Airportech scenery packages. Going forward, starting with the Florida Keys pack, all sceneries will support X-Plane 11. We will do our best to ensure some form of backwards compatibility so that you can still enjoy our products if you're on X-Plane 10, but we can't make any promises, as this ability is dependent on Laminar.

We know that many of you are already using X-Plane 11 (as are we), so you might be wondering, "Why not add support now?" The simple answer is because Laminar has told us not to. They're still in the beta phase, which means that many bugs remain. Any issues we fix in our sceneries may be the result of new APIs in X-Plane 11, or they could be bugs that haven't been fixed yet. Investing time to fix something that we'll have to roll-back later is a waste of time, could lead to additional bugs in our scenery, and provides a bad experience for those who upgrade.