Florida Keys Progress Update

January 22nd, 2017 by Matthew Congrove

I figured it's about time for a quick update on our upcoming Florida Keys scenery pack.

Right now we're working on the really boring stuff: laying down ground textures, defining airport boundaries, tweaking ortho resolution to improve the visuals while at an airport, and similar tasks. None of that is worth sharing, so that's why we've been a bit quiet. However...

We did spend some of our holiday break working on cool little features to increase your immersion while flying around the Keys.

We've added an ambient noise plug-in, which plays a soft soundscape whenever you're on the ground at one of our airports (with the doors open or in an external view). These soundscapes even change based on your location – at Key West International you'll hear a regional jet landing, at Key West NAS there will be an F/A-18 taking off in the background, and at Sugar Loaf you'll only hear small props.

Another fun little addition is the emergency response mechanism. If you come in to land at an airport with an ARFF while squawking 7700, we'll roll out the fire trucks for you.

Lastly, we've improved a feature that I included in my first scenery at Austin: animated hangar doors. We came up with a plug-in that acts like a garage door remote, allowing you to open and close various hangars at all of our airports. (You can also bind the open/close command to a keystroke or joystick button rather than using the user interface.)

All of the plug-ins can be disabled, or removed entirely, depending on your interest.

Finally, I would like to share a couple of photos from tonight. I spent a bit of time on the ground textures and markings at Ocean Reef, and started to fill in the scene at Tavernaero. Also, bonus landmark!

image image image