About Airportech

Started in March of 2015, Airportech is a scenery development group dedicated to providing the highest-quality scenery for the X-Plane flight simulator. Our mission is to provide the most realistic scenery packs possible.

Founded by a commercially-rated pilot and software developer, we think the airports that we recreate will be among the crown jewels of your custom scenery collection. We strive to find the perfect balance between stunning realism and flyability – that is to say we try not to cripple your hardware.

Our customers are always at the forefront of our thoughts during the hundreds of hours we spend meticulously crafting some of your favorite airports – and they're in our thoughts afterwards, too. We promise to provide the best possible customer support; after all, you're the reason we do this.

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Our Partners

Matthew Congrove


Matthew Congrove is a CMEL-I rated pilot and a Software Architect for a Silicon Valley start-up. He resides in Austin, TX, USA.

He began developing scenery for X-Plane by recreating his small hometown airport in Merritt Island, FL and regional airport in Melbourne, FL. (Both airports are available as freeware, and are included in X-Plane as of v10.35). After learning the basics, he challenged himself to faithfully recreate the airport in his new home, Austin-Bergstrom International, and with that Airportech was founded.

If you'd ever like to hear the story about how Matthew became one of the few pilots in the world to takeoff from KTTS, or how his cross-country flight from Orlando to Key West took four days, send a quick "Hello!" through our Support page.

Rob Curtis

Scenery Designer

Rob Curtis works in the Michigan automobile industry and has experience working line services for one of the premier FBOs in the world. He's been involved with flight simulation since the days of Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.

Starting with his hometown airport, Rob has always been tweaking and improving scenery packages to suit his needs. In 2016 he decided to invest more time in learning scenevery development, and began working with Airportech on the LaGuardia 2020 release. Immediately afterwards, Rob joined the Airportech staff to help with research, quality assurance, project prepatory work, and began 3D modeling.